Shut down the guilt machine and wash your conscience clean of yesterday (Guilt Machine - Twisted Coil)

Vladislav (me):
Hello, Arjen!

I knew that was Rutger Hauer! (про ролик-испытание) Such dark and deep voice! Goose bumps!
Part of the music tells me, that you go into computer music, maybe industrial, isn't it?

But the question which I want to ask: Did you think about Ville Valo (H.I.M.) like guest singer in the next brand new Ayreon or another project?

Your fan,

Arjen Anthony Lucassen:
Cool voice, huh? And such a great guy! Wierd, but great

Oh, there's something of everything on the album. Yes, synths...industrial...but also folk and poppy songs.

Would be cool! But I guess he would be hard to reach...and quite expensive!

Like says in russia: no harm in trying ;)
My wife is fan of Ville. It will be great to hear his voice in your songs :)

Arjen Anthony Lucassen:
The thing do you approach a guy like that? I'll find out which record company he's working with, maybe that's a way in.

Yeah, this guy is very misterious. You never know he tells true or lie. I think it's great shield for personal life from paparazzi and another journalists like that.


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